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ME2201 Manufacturing Technology-I Important Questions May/June 2013

Anna University, Chennai 
ME2201 Manufacturing Technology-I Important Questions

1. What are the pattern allowances? Explain briefly each
2. Explain briefly the various moulding method used in foundries
3. What are the defects in casting? Explain the cause for these defects
4. Explain the CO2 process of core making state its advantages and applications
5. Explain in detail about various sand testing methods
6. Explain Thermit welding and give their applications
7. Describe and explain Ultrasonic welding and give their applications
8. Distinguish between brazing, soldering and welding
9. Describe plasma Arc welding and given their applications
10.Define drawing and discuss the classification with neat sketch
11. Discuss the various forging operations
12.Explain the tube piercing process
13. Explain briefly with neat sketches direct and indirect extrusion process
14.Briefly explain about magnetic pulse forming and its application.
15. Describe various types of bending operations with its neat sketches
16.Explain the power spinning process with a neat sketch give their applications
17. Explain the rubber forming process with a neat sketch
18.Briefly explain about Explosive forming process
19.with neat sketch working principle of reciprocating screw injection moulding  machine
20. Describe with neat sketches various steps involved in rotational moulding. State its application.
21.Explain the working principles of
a. injection moulding
b. blow moulding
c. rotational moulding
d. film blowing
22. What is thermoforming process in detail.


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